Class Act


One of the few people who can stand shoulder-to-shoulder in this town--if not in the entire country--with hockey superstar Jarome Iginla has decided to hang 'em up, at least at the highest competitive levels. Cassie Campbell, two-time captain of the gold medal-winning Canadian women's Olympic hockey team and a part of six world women's championships, embodied everything good that can be accomplished by an elite athlete in Canada. Not only was she a talented performer and leader on the ice, her ability to connect with people was evident in her extensive work with charities here in Calgary and elsewhere. Having seen her up close, I can honestly say that she appears much more genuine and sincere in person than she does on television, if that is possible, even though she almost seems embarrassed by her success when accolades are thrown her way. She is a blessing to our nation and, although she will be missed on the ice, there is no doubt that Campbell will continue her winning ways for years to come.


Sinden to retire

One word - Finally. Now, Boston can truly rebuild. Is there any chance we could convince Milbury to head to Del Bocha Vista?